about  Joan BixLer


 Joan was born in Washington DC and graduated from American University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Graphic Art. While attending college she worked as an Intern in the art department at Department of Transportation, where she credits those days of cutting, pasting and lining up artwork that groomed her attention to detail.

After college and several unrelated jobs later, Joan's long time

designer friend encouraged her to do her art. This mentor at

the time was engaged in designing  a room at the NSO show house         

(National Symphony Orchestra) in Georgetown and asked Joan to do some artwork for her room. While working on site other designers and commissioned her work. The following year Joan was awarded a room and painted the walls, floor and ceiling with a Tromp l’eoil (Fool the Eye) concept. " That’s when it started", indebted to her mentor, Joan’s company grew to hiring other artist to provided custom murals and Faux finishes throughout the DMV areas. Several years later a new opportunity came about to do commercial work for corporate offices. Joan changed her company name to Bixler Studios LLC, to provided Faux and Specialty painted finishes to include, Venetian plaster, gold and silver leaf, faux marble and wood grainning for corporate installations. Many can be seen in lobbies and offices in and around Washington, DC.

  Today Joan is back to creating her own art, Her work is shown in The Falls Church art gallery in Falls Church Virginia and the Touchstone gallery in Washington Dc. 


Artist Statement

I am inspired by clean color, complimentary colors, texture and the reflection of light….